Our working philosophy is relatively simple:  Listen carefully, create distinctively, and communicate effectively.

Listen carefully We learned long ago that listening carefully is among the most valuable assets a designer can acquire. By listening to the client, asking pertinent questions, we almost always find that the message is there. Perhaps not in the terms we are used to hearing it expressed in, but it is usually there.

Listening allows us to learn about the customer, the company, its core values and principles, and the market it serves.

Listening helps to refine the message. The challenge is there as well.

Create artfully Taking stock of all we’ve learned by listening carefully and organizing it into a logical, cohesive whole that allows us to prepare design concepts that convey the appropriate message to the targeted market.

Conveying information and ideas through design is the heart of the visual communication process.

Communicate effectively Acting boldly, we bring all the elements together to produce solutions that communicate effectively and accurately. From initial concept and copy writing, commercial photography, and electronic production, the process proceeds efficiently. Full project management and coordination, guided by over 30 years of experience, ensure that from the initial estimates through the final press checks there are no ‘surprises’ to impede progress.

Brands, branding and Smith/Walker… Can we create a brand for you? Probably not. There is one immutable truth about your brand that few ‘branding practitioners’ mention very often: your brand has very little to do with what you say it is.

The simple truth is that your brand is what your customers think it is. Every interaction they have with your company – from the way a product works or the way a caller is greeted – adds to the brand perception, and in branding, perception is everything.

What we can do is to help create a consistent and authentic identity, message and voice for your company to make sure that your brand’s perception is as close your expectations as possible.

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